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Dubball One



The Dubball One set:

  • was developed in the Netherlands and the new batch with the Dubball One is now on its way! Dubball was developed by us, 4 students from Amsterdam. We have been developing the new Dubbal One set for more than a year now and several people have become very enthusiastic about it.

The new batch is ready and we are ready to put this unique gaming experience in more hands of enthusiastic players. By selling the new batch, we can grow the community around Dubball and build a network of players who share their experiences, which in turn helps us to further promote the game and build a solid foundation for the future expansion of Dubball.


  • Dubball One set

  • Two green balls

  • Carrier bag

  • 1 year warranty

  • Ball pump

Delivery time

The new batch is now on its way to the Netherlands and because we have ordered a large stock, it will take a little longer. But don't worry, are you ordering now? Then you will receive the Dubball One on June 28!


Technical specifications

Packaging weight: 4.7 kg

Material: Aluminum

Colour black


- Width: 94 cm

- Height: 77 cm

- Length: 2 m

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